How I Brought a Kitten Back to Life

February 1, 2012


It was the dead of February and I was fourteen and my dad was gone on business and I was the man about the farm. I had to feed the horses twice a day. In the evening I went out in the winter dark to go to the barn to get the feed and low […]

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A Horoscope for John the Baptist

December 5, 2011


This week you will be a voice crying in the wilderness.  By wilderness I mean the urban wilderness, and by crying I mean protesting. You are one of the last keepers of the law and that means you care a great deal about justice. Why must 1% of the populace have the majority of the […]

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Writing Blindly

November 16, 2011


This is an essay I found perishing in my files that I cut and pasted years ago from a news magazine. Do you remember the russian submarine Kursk that sunk all hands aboard in the arctic sea in 2000? That’s the topical prompt that prompted this. “I Am Writing Blindly” Roger Rosenblatt Besides the newsworthy revelation […]

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the creative life

November 11, 2011


In a jail at Nighur, the governor showed him a cell whose floor, walls and vaulted ceiling were covered by a drawing (in barbaric colors that time, before obliterating, had refined) of an infinite tiger. It was a tiger composed of many tigers, and contained seas and Himalayas and armies that resembled other tigers. The […]

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the missing book

November 10, 2011


After talking with her about books, I found my self searching my own books, looking for the one I missed, the one that she obviously had read, the book that had all the answers. I looked frantically, because either I had not read the book, or I was just that dull.

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super profundo on the early eve of your day

November 9, 2011


“Communication in literature is not the simple appeal on the part of the writer of meanings which would be part of an a priori of the mind; rather, communication arouses these meanings in the mind through enticement and a kind of oblique action. The writer’s thought does not control his language from without; the writer […]

Zadie Smith in the Caves: yea even still

November 8, 2011


IN the Paris Review’s very pleasant interview with E.M. Forster, Forster says this peculiar bit:  “I have always found writing pleasant and don’t understand what people mean by ‘throes of creation.’ I’ve enjoyed it, but believe that in some ways it is good. Whether it will last, I have no idea.” This to me seems […]