Humor Writing: a definition

Posted on October 26, 2010


Could anything drain the will out of your body like Humor Writing? It does mine. Far be it from me to ever write in even the faintest direction toward Humor Writing or anything at all that resembles an essay with a punch line(s) the sole goal alone of which is to kill someone’s time dead in their cubical, as they, the quietly defeated, plead with boredom for just one more minute of Shouts and Mummers, or heaven forbid, Dave Barry. Do not even mention to me cartoons! Or think even of what happens when you wonder into the Humor section of your local bookstore and witness all those pink, orange and yellow spines, gleaming like ugly candy, their squiggly fonts meant to indicate without doubt, that yes, this is a FUNNY BOOK: this is what happens, the demon king of humor stands atop those shelves of gratuitous books and with his wicked power of Land Surveyance he demarcates for you the whole of his small realm which can contain nothing at all but clever asides, warn puns, slapdash action sequences proceeding from nothing and going nowhere in the large forests of irrelevancy and pastime. His minions will make sure that you know that they are now telling a joke. They’ll even plant the joke flag while pleading with you, “Just please let us tell you a joke!” as if humor and life were separate countries.



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