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Love a Book, Read a Woman

July 31, 2010


If Kierkegaard meant for his whole project to provoke cartoons and gossip that tear him down and make fun of him, then my own small work is justified. Because lets face it, the poor bastard just didn’t understand women. That’s why we’re left with all these crazy books. Of course we might say given the biographical data that SK made a brave sacrifice of faith in breaking it off with Regine. But I won’t and I will say instead he was just chicken shit and because of that he was forced to go to bed with Hegel and not a hot mama.

Is Walker Percy Really Binx Bolling?

February 7, 2010


 I have a photo of a young Walker Percy in line to go to a movie. Is this a clue? It’s a fine photo and a nice coincidence, as someone may in the future write: Walker Percy: The Real Moviegoer. But was Walker Percy in despair? And isn’t it sometimes the case that you […]