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Zadie Smith in the Caves: yea even still

November 8, 2011


IN the Paris Review’s very pleasant interview with E.M. Forster, Forster says this peculiar bit:  “I have always found writing pleasant and don’t understand what people mean by ‘throes of creation.’ I’ve enjoyed it, but believe that in some ways it is good. Whether it will last, I have no idea.” This to me seems […]

Zadie Smith in the Caves 2.0

November 5, 2011


“I couldn’t read that book if my life depended on it,” says essayist, David Shields about Franzen’s The Corrections. Coincidentally, Zadie Smith’s Essay on Novel Nausea, which I cannot find and is probably lost forever, was a review of David Shields book Reality Hunger. Certainly this indicates some kind of trend? Reality Hunger is an […]

Zadie Smith in the Caves: part I

August 16, 2010


I haven’t read Jonathan Franzen’s new book “Freedom.” And I never will. None-the-less, this is my review of that book. I rate it poor. (Writing reviews of books one hasn’t read is a new form known as Imaginative Journalism. Very louche.) I rate it so poor in fact that it causes me to question the […]